I've been working as a photographer since 2008, always working on documentary subjects. For years my work was around the music industry, where I also worked as a publicist, but since 2015 my interests have been shifting to more social and anthropological subjects.

Originally from Lisbon, Portugal, I have also lived in Bristol, UK, where I graduated in Photography. In 2009, I moved to Amsterdam and enrolled in the UvA’s Graduate School of Social Science post-graduate course which focused on the comparison of urban cultural identities. Here, I have worked at the Ten Haaf Projects gallery as a curator’s assistant, giving support to the artists and visitors of the exhibits she was also promoting, and simultaneously started contributing to different travel platforms, with both visual and written contents. 
In 2017 I lived briefly in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where I worked as an english teacher. Later that year I moved back to Portugal, settling on the Magic Mountains (São Pedro do Sul area), but spent most of my time travelling around Central Asia, where I now also work as a tour leader and seek for new subjects and topics to photograph.
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