I was born in Lisbon in the 80's. I have a Photography degree from UWE, in Bristol, and a post-graduation in Anthropology from Amsterdam's UvA. But my biggest teachings came from all the travelling around the world, especially in remote locations like Mongolia or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. 
I have no laid roots. Having no destination, each day is lived as a new adventure, with no specified routes nor plans. I have been using Photography as vehicle to dig into cultures costumes and seek into my very own emotions. Photography is always an experiment. I find a keen interest in what is not seen on the photograph – what lays beyond the framing, hence the need to aid the still images with words or video. 
Where photography is simply a reflection of thoughts and emotions, which can bounce from playful to melancholic, travelling became the epitome of adventure, the search for the human genesis, living lives from different cultures and lifestyles.
I follow no rules. I allow my practice to be a reflection of my nomad lifestyle.
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