Campaign for Movimento Movido a 4 Patas, a Portuguese Charity that aims to help Dog institutions and families with pets with their special needs. For this campaign we have asked several celebrities to come and photograph with dogs that have been for several months (and years...) in dog shelters waiting for new families to adopt them. Since the campaign, some of these have already been adopted.
If you are interested, email the Movimento directly:
or visit their Facebook page.
KOKESHI (DJ) with Nina.
RICARDO GUEDES (model) with Xuxu (adopted)
VITOR HUGO (chef) with Mina and Nina.
KOKESHI (DJ) with Nina.
PEDRO GUEDES (model) and Gabriela (daughter) with Layla (adopted)
RITA MENDES (PR, DJ) and her son Afonso and daughter Matilde with Kika.
HUGO CAETANO (photographer), girlfriend RITA MENDES (PR, DJ) and family with Nina, Kika and Nina.
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