Burnside Skatepark, Deventer, 18.05.2014
This was the 11th edition of the Vans Shop Riot at Burnside.
Burnside was the founder of the Shop Riot, an event where all skate shops come together with their team of skaters to compete with each other.
But most of all it is a day where all skate shops, and the complete skateboard community, come together to have a good time and celebrate skateboarding.
29 skate shops came to Burnside to join the Vans Shop Riot NL 2014.
It was the most beautiful sunny day of the month. Skate shops Shifty and Sparky came with an overloaded bus full of spectators.
The Vans Waffle Stand, beer tab and BBQ worked overtime to please the need of refreshments and a hungry skater-stomachs.
The warm-up was hectic as always with 90 skaters trying to get into the flow and pushing the limits of gravity.
The winner takes all, one run to get the team in the European finals and one shot to take the € 1000,- price.
In the end it was the home team Burnside that took the € 1000,- and the 2014 Dutch winning title.
Burnside will compete in the the European Vans Shop Riot finals at Flesh & Bones Skatepark on the 11th and 12th of October 2014.
Results Vans Shop Riot NL 2014
1 Burnside (Deventer)_ Rob Maatman | Jelle Maatman | Bert Roeterdink
2 Manus (Den Haag)_ Woody Hoogendijk | Billy Hoogendijk | Justin Wagenaar
3 Sevenply (Rotterdam)_ Pascal Moelaert | Robbin de Wit | Ricardo Paterno
4 Ben-G (Amsterdam)_ Tim Zom | Chris Stuifzand | Manuel de Jong
5 Sparky (Zwolle)_ Rick Holtvluwer | Mauro Ruberto | Chris Belling
6 100% Skateshop (Eindhoven)_ Daan van der Linden | Pim de Rijk | Nick Bax
7 Fier (Dordrecht)_ Shajen Willems | Tristan Koelewijn | Leon de Boer
8 Dreams (Westland)_ Sebastiaan Vijverberg | Remco Stolze | Mike van Anrooy
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